BBC Science in Action – Spurious Correlations

Featured in BBC World Service radio programme ‘Science in Action’ on 17/09/2017 Understanding whether events that appear to be connected are one thing caused by the other, or just simple correlation, or patterns of trends, can be a tricky business. But it’s the key to understanding cause and coincidence. Silvia Lazzaris looks at the weirdContinue reading “BBC Science in Action – Spurious Correlations”

BBC Science in Action – Blue Zones

Featured on the BBC World Service radio programme “Science in Action” on 08/01/2018 Villagrande in Sardinia is a “Blue Zone”. A Blue Zone is a ‘longevity hotspot’. A region with a much higher proportion than average of people over 100. Sardinia is not the only place where larger percentage of people get to celebrate theirContinue reading “BBC Science in Action – Blue Zones”