BBC Digital Planet – Online Gambling Surge During COVID-19

Lockdowns are making many players and gamblers move to online gambling platforms, and the big issue here is that they do not come under strict regulations like their real world counterparts. Together with my colleague and friend Katie Kropshofer, I reported on this growing problem on the BBC World Service. Can you protect a risingContinue reading “BBC Digital Planet – Online Gambling Surge During COVID-19”

The Food Fight Podcast

On 6 May 2020 I was a guest on Episode 23 (Food in crisis: is the food system resilient enough?) of The Food Fight podcast, hosted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. It was a great chance to talk about FoodUnfolded‘s research into the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the food system, andContinue reading “The Food Fight Podcast”

International Rebellion, Day 1

Starting today, in the next couple of weeks I will go out and record what I hear at the International Rebellion protest, which is disrupting traffic around London to bring attention to climate change issues. I have no agenda. I’m just interested to hear what people think about it. Today the atmosphere was refreshing, andContinue reading “International Rebellion, Day 1”

BBC Science in Action – Spurious Correlations

Featured in BBC World Service radio programme ‘Science in Action’ on 17/09/2017 Understanding whether events that appear to be connected are one thing caused by the other, or just simple correlation, or patterns of trends, can be a tricky business. But it’s the key to understanding cause and coincidence. Silvia Lazzaris looks at the weirdContinue reading “BBC Science in Action – Spurious Correlations”

BBC Science in Action – Blue Zones

Featured on the BBC World Service radio programme “Science in Action” on 08/01/2018 Villagrande in Sardinia is a “Blue Zone”. A Blue Zone is a ‘longevity hotspot’. A region with a much higher proportion than average of people over 100. Sardinia is not the only place where larger percentage of people get to celebrate theirContinue reading “BBC Science in Action – Blue Zones”