Patterns in Art is coming out soon!

The long wait is (almost) over, Patterns in Art is coming out soon! In November, Abbeville Press will publish our book in the US. We have spent over a year observing paintings from four centuries of art history, searching for apparently secondary details – such as tiles, fabrics, tablecloths, and other ornaments. We have extractedContinue reading “Patterns in Art is coming out soon!”

Against Binary Thinking / 1

Living in a foreign country and switching constantly between two languages, some days my mind gets so tired that it indulges in the comfort of surface-vocabulary. It’s easier to say that “I’m sad” instead of digging to find out what term would provide an accurate description of how I feel. Similarly, it’s simple to sayContinue reading “Against Binary Thinking / 1”

From egg to omelette

There are some events in the life of a person, which have a stronger impact than others. At such times, you tell yourself you have discovered something, you have been profoundly changed, as if those events had broken a wall in the brain that you cannot rebuild anymore – or at least not without knowingContinue reading “From egg to omelette”

Come un uovo che diventa un’omelette

Ci sono alcuni eventi, nella vita di una persona, che hanno un impatto diverso dagli altri. In quei momenti ci si racconta di aver scoperto qualcosa, di essere stati profondamente cambiati, come se quegli eventi avessero buttato giù una parete nel cervello che non si può ricostruire più – o almeno non senza sapere diContinue reading “Come un uovo che diventa un’omelette”