Wired UK | The pandemic has triggered a British online gambling crisis

The last article stemming from our investigation supported by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) was released in WIRED UK (article here). We carried out nine months of research on this topic, interviewing vulnerable gamblers, psychologists, online gambling operators, gambling law experts, and data analysts. Receiving this funding from the EJC has given us the timeContinue reading “Wired UK | The pandemic has triggered a British online gambling crisis”

Is Sugar The New Tobacco?

Originally published on FoodUnfolded. Understanding the impacts of sugar on our health is not an easy task. Food science is complicated and imperfect, but some level of confusion has been added in by sugar industry stakeholders, who have spent millions over the past few decades to support studies that would produce desirable results for theirContinue reading “Is Sugar The New Tobacco?”

University of Cambridge – Global Food Security Panel

COVID-19 has shown the fragilities of our food systems, challenging business to adapt and showing the importance of local communities. How can we build and maintain a resilient food system?  This webinar, held on 29 June 2020, was hosted by Dr Jag Srai, Co-Chair of the  Cambridge Global Food Security IRC. Speakers included: Dr Nazia Mintz Habib, DirectorContinue reading “University of Cambridge – Global Food Security Panel”

Will Ita – I paesi che si sentono speciali gestiscono peggio la pandemia

View this post on Instagram L’antropologa medica americana Martha Lincoln ha proposto sulla rivista scientifica Nature che per giudicare la prontezza di un paese nel fronteggiare una pandemia, sarebbe importante chiedersi se quel paese abbia una visione “eccezionalista” di se stesso.⁣ ⁣ I paesi eccezionalisti vedrebbero se stessi come anomali, speciali, e in qualche modoContinue reading “Will Ita – I paesi che si sentono speciali gestiscono peggio la pandemia”

BBC Digital Planet – The Honjok Lifestyle

https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/w3csz98k The rise of the Honjok lifestyle in South KoreaHonjok is the term used by those Koreans who decide to live, eat, drink, and undergo most activities on their own, and are happy when they are alone with themselves. This movement started in the first half of the 2010’s and has been growing in parallelContinue reading “BBC Digital Planet – The Honjok Lifestyle”