BBC Digital Planet – Online Gambling Surge During COVID-19

Lockdowns are making many players and gamblers move to online gambling platforms, and the big issue here is that they do not come under strict regulations like their real world counterparts. Together with my colleague and friend Katie Kropshofer, I reported on this growing problem on the BBC World Service. Can you protect a risingContinue reading “BBC Digital Planet – Online Gambling Surge During COVID-19”

Tomatoes in Italy: The Social Cost of Production

Originally Published on FoodUnfolded Tomatoes are a staple ingredient in many homes across Europe, but the story of how they reach your plate may surprise you.   This is a dark story of the invisible people who pick our tomatoes in Italy, but the story parallels many of the other fruits and vegetables we love andContinue reading “Tomatoes in Italy: The Social Cost of Production”

Coronavirus e il lento lockdown inglese

Articolo pubblicato sul Corriere della Sera, inserto Innovazione.  Sono isolata nel mio appartamento a Londra dal giorno in cui Boris Johnson ha introdotto le prime blande misure per contrastare la diffusione del Covid-19. Preparatevi a perdere i vostri cari, ha detto, che suona molto come Help yourself, aiutati che Dio ti aiuta. Lavatevi spesso leContinue reading “Coronavirus e il lento lockdown inglese”

The Food Fight Podcast

On 6 May 2020 I was a guest on Episode 23 (Food in crisis: is the food system resilient enough?) of The Food Fight podcast, hosted by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. It was a great chance to talk about FoodUnfolded‘s research into the impact of the coronavirus crisis on the food system, andContinue reading “The Food Fight Podcast”

Robot: L’Economia Possibile

Photo credit: Victoria Wendish Inchiesta pubblicata sul Corriere della Sera, inserto Innovazione, il 25.10.2019 Nella geopolitica della quarta rivoluzione industriale, l’Italia sembra avere sulla carta tutti i numeri per piazzarsi bene. Le ricerche italiane nell’ambito della robotica sono un catalizzatore mondiale. I nostri studi risultano, tra il 2014 e il 2018, primi al mondo inContinue reading “Robot: L’Economia Possibile”

Patterns in Art is coming out soon!

The long wait is (almost) over, Patterns in Art is coming out soon! In November, Abbeville Press will publish our book in the US. We have spent over a year observing paintings from four centuries of art history, searching for apparently secondary details – such as tiles, fabrics, tablecloths, and other ornaments. We have extractedContinue reading “Patterns in Art is coming out soon!”

La Via Segreta della Plastica

Inchiesta pubblicata sul Corriere della Sera, inserto Innovazione, il 31.05.2019 Un anno e mezzo dopo l’introduzione del bando cinese sull’importazione dei rifiuti di plastica, è il caso di chiederci: la nostra plastica dove finisce (per davvero)? E chi ci guadagna a toglierla di mezzo? Le conseguenze del bando cinese sono state inequivocabilmente negative per l’Italia.Continue reading “La Via Segreta della Plastica”

Against Binary Thinking / 1

Living in a foreign country and switching constantly between two languages, some days my mind gets so tired that it indulges in the comfort of surface-vocabulary. It’s easier to say that “I’m sad” instead of digging to find out what term would provide an accurate description of how I feel. Similarly, it’s simple to sayContinue reading “Against Binary Thinking / 1”