Wired UK | The pandemic has triggered a British online gambling crisis

The last article stemming from our investigation supported by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) was released in WIRED UK (article here). We carried out nine months of research on this topic, interviewing vulnerable gamblers, psychologists, online gambling operators, gambling law experts, and data analysts. Receiving this funding from the EJC has given us the time and resources to do a different kind of journalism – unhurried, painstaking. We were able to take time to digest information, reflect, and talk to as many people as possible. Katie and I have been doing journalism in collaboration for years at this point, but I realised we had never written an article together. This is because the value of collaboration in journalism is usually clear when using other means (video, podcasts) but less so for written journalism. However, in a group you’re stronger and you feel stronger, even in your writing. Working together as an international team (with Sara Moraca, also co-author on this piece, and Pablo Jimenez and Josh Stroud) also allowed us to reach audiences in different countries and languages.

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Italian writer based in the UK.

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